Episode 9: Endpoint Protection and the Flying Car

May 10, 2017

The Prosiliency Podcast, aka DR in a Bar, is an irreverent, profane and always real look at life and technology from both inside and outside the data center.

The Prosiliency Strategy is a Proactive Strategy to enable your Data Center to be the most resilient in case of Disaster.  Prosiliency is the interesection between art and science where your data is never lost . . . and your business is never down.

In this, our 9th episode, we look at automation trends that affect our daily lives through the lens of Disaster Recovery and bring light to questions that will be addressed in the wake of automation and the evolution of the automobile.

And of course we enjoy a little beer along the way . . .

Vince's Beer: The Torn Label Monk and Honey - Rating: 9.15 (!)

Eddie's Beer: Founder's Rubaeus Nitro - 6.77 (with a line over it . . . whatever that means)

Larry Page invests in the Flying Car


Kevin Smith's The Flying Car


Travis Kalenic of Uber predicts self driving automobile Fleet by 2020



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